That 40 something feeling….It’s all good!

When l was 17, l didn’t think of life in numbers….Who does? I was surrounded by older friends and really didn’t question age. At 30 odd…l was still working as an actress and enjoying life, but the dissatisfaction of an undesirable relationship where my weight, look and age were constantly referenced, definitely didn’t help my […]

Fabian Secon – New drops!

Fabian’s keeping them firing with new tracks every other week & written/produced by him too. Great to see him growing in confidence and followers, with his own unique stamp of Punk-Trap >>>> Great reviews online too 🙂 Tonight’s drop- ‘Fucked Up On You’ While you’re there listen to #Nowhere, #Defeated & #BloodKisses.   Happy Spring-ness! […]

NU Year… Nu 2018…Nu Who?

Happy, magical, bright & full of love ❤ Year to you all! l wanted to blog before Xmas, but with the quibbling about the size of the Turkey, who was dining where and some other secret (Ahem) stuff….l just didn’t make it. So l can only hope that anyone who follows and passes by, had […]

Pop Up Sale- Stüssy today!

  Just a quick Hi! To let you know the last day of the Stüssy Pop Up Sale is today (Sunday). For some originals, men’s & ladies it’s worth the trip- Good for gifts and the prices are very nice.💥 12- 6pm Protein Studios, 31 New Inn Yard, EC2 A short walk from Old St […]

Late night mode #Relax #UKFreshness #Organic

Thanks if you have been following #FabianSecon’s music….. Here’s a nice little collab for you to nod your head to. bounce, drive or simply have it just cool the vibe right down before heading to work on public transport (If in UK) London’s/England got game right now in the Trap RnB stakes, alongside Grime. Yes […]