#EndStigma- #MHAwareness….Short Film.

I think, I’ll let this one speak for itself….In the voices of 6 wonderful actresses reciting poetry around the themes of love, mental health, self- reflection and so on….I decided to put it back online (Nervously) So enjoy & have a wonderful Monday xxx

How & Why….?

What a sad few weeks it has been- London will recover, but those involved in the atrocities…Can we put a time span on the healing of seeing horrors, losing friends and family. I think many of us know, the value of human life is much more than many would admit to… Those who have the power […]

ROCKSTAR…..Visuals by J.Mornix

Good morning- I think many of us have been filled with anxiety, over what has happened- For everyone who passes here to read my posts from LDN- We are strong! We are not responsible for the evils of the world- So let us give thanks & I send only good vibes to those recovering from the […]