The great bank holiday…Let’s go wild?

And so it is Easter…or Bank holiday time. After years of saying ‘Happy Easter’ I do get itchy when people then want to lecture you on the ethics of what they believe is enforced pagan-ism. Christianity leads us to believe that Christ was tortured, betrayed and resurrected over the 3 day course. Some say that you should wear white as an emblem of purity on ‘Good’ Friday, you should not consume flesh and hold a minutes silence at 12pm. I’m not here to air my beliefs/non beliefs…but I came upon this image today of Ishtar (Who I’d heard of)…I must say that everywhere I look there are beautiful baby blooming ladies. Good luck on having your summer newborns:)Image

Talking of sex…I’ve had a very interesting experience while looking at sex toys. I’m too shy to share it tonight. Maybe in the future blogs..we’ll see.


Style snaps- London street style and even classic dress style seems to be getting more flamboyant and expressive. I love, love, love it! There have been so many people looking fab who I’ve wanted to snap, but let them pass by. This young lady looked uber-lly chic and she happend to be a fashion student. Great trews and boots, she was also stunning. #Disclaimer, I am no major fashionista or a stylist, I just like watching people and clothes. No perversity intended.Image

Silly me, I forgot to ask her name, but lady was happy for me to snap.

I ran into Soho last night for a quick meet up with a girlfriend. On passing overhearing a conversation in part. Man says..”Darling, I represented her when no one would touch her for 6 years…” Chuckle, laugh. Just a touch ‘Mediayah’.

We drank elderflower & water. I consumed much more small plates than I should’ve considering I am not just on a calorie budget but a trying not to eat out one. Ah well, it’s the bank holiday. We will all get to relax, eat chocolate, eat cakes, talk to our Mothers and watch copious ammounts of TV. We are the Great British & we deserve it!

Enough words now, T-Shirts of the week and I will say where- Primarni! For those of us conflicted about whether it is ethical, cheap or tawdry to buy Pradamani we all know the answer- I’m not going to answer it. I’ve been frowned upon once or twice for wearing Primarni, but unless you’re contributing to my earning capacity- bog off politely. Everyone loves their fix, but the prices have jumped. Where else though can you get lycra for £1.50 that helps layering while the weather is still a bit chilly, that washes well and stays put?

2 T-shirts that caught my eye ‘Whose houuuuuse, Runs houuuuse!’Image

And I LOVE this one…I may have to run back and hope it’s still there sometime. #JohnnyCashImage

That’s all for now; I would love to say that i’ve got a hot weekend date, I’m going kayaking or tight rope walking. I’m just going to be like most people, happy to leave work emails until Tuesday am. I may have the odd glass of wine and overuse google in the quest to keep up…Not with fashion, but with the world.

On a serious note..Rest peacefully those who lost their lives in the ferry disaster. Why are some things in life just unexplainable? Sigh…

Have a good break!x


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