2016….2 years & flying…Summer Selector…All Dayers in BX…


So the Summer hasn’t ended…I’ve been away from here for a bit, it’s amazing as my last post feels like yesterday! I will try to stay on it now….So let’s be hoping that I have some interesting feedback & news for those following. Thanks for hanging out, btw!WP_20160807_17_44_11_Pro

All dayers were those oldskl family-esque parties in the 80’s with big sound system speakers, people bubbling and skanking.

‘NO LONG TING ALLDAYER’ was organised as a free party at POP Brixton, for free minds and souls to boogie all day to one of the best play lists that I have had a jump up to all year. The vibes and energy were amazing. I had never been into POP…I was a sceptic, but it beat any EURO festival for being so laid back and sunny.

Big S.O to TY CHIJOKE, Brixtoner, nice dude 100% and Rapper extraordinaire who is behind the movement with DJ Bizness and a few others.

I’m just hoping some of y’all get a taste of this before summer ends…. it’s as good as a holiday, if like me you haven’t stepped out of UK in a while….the vibes last for days after.

TY does have an event at the Southbank…: Sunday 14th August ‘Under The Bridge’- it’s free and hip-hop the day away from 1pm. You’ll thank me….:)


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