Night owls- Fancy a bit of Vintage-ish Black Cinema? 2.25 am ‘BABYMOTHER’ on Film4…..

So this will be brief-ish, I just found a minute to lock myself out of my account for 10 minutes, change my password, check all of my social media….

I wont bore you….

The 90’s- I’m always banging on about the Golden Era, the Nightlife, the work, the love and I know that ‘Babymother’- first released in 1998 UK, 2000 in USA will always be a part of that sweetest nostalgia.

‘Babymother’, directed by Julian Henriques and Produced by Parminder Vir OBE is funny, brash, #unapolegtically fierce and loud…Sometimes a painful reminder of the crap very young women can go through, just to get ahead or to kick down a door that refuses to budge.

I won’t spoil it, if you’re awake…Grab that hot chocolate and a bag of something healthy; the film is part of The Black Cinema Season in conjunction with BFI Black Stars Season. There are some epic black films that have been shown by FILM4 this week and ongoing at BFI Southbank.

2.25am & again @ 3.30am, enjoy!

Catch you soon xxx







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