David Baddiel- B*da*ss ‘Family: Not The Sitcom’ #Theatre

David Baddiel (I don’t know him personally) Has delivered one of the funniest, sometimes obscene, sometimes painful, eccentric, loving and intensely candid pieces that I have seen for years. Coolly relaxed, he delivers an interesting one man show…and by the time you leave, you know so much about his ‘colourful’ Mum (RIP) and Dad who is heartbreakingly a sufferer of Dementia. I had watched him on various over the years but I can truly say DB is talented like whoa….That is some emotional energy, poured into a piece that delivers for 2 hours.

I am fond of them all and feel like I want to check in, just to see how his Dad is doing. Largely focused on his Mum and also the Jewishness that I love to hear about; I have many Jewish friends and for me you have to take some humour from your culture.

The family are endearing, as they are off beat.

I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you- The run continues for another month. If you enjoy Theatre and unconventional story of someone’s life and growth, then check it out.

The beautiful thing is he’s given free tickets for Carers to see the show until 11th May (Check his fb or Twitter) So I thanked him from the audience….After he said to me to ”Effing get your question out…” in jest and asked me if a was a Carer.

I got shy for a minute and my face started burning in black girl blush mode. Fun!!! Thanks also to The Carers Hub, who look after the people who care for others and arranged this evening out. It was needed….

The rest of the week….aaaaaa

might now be boring…..xxx

Tickets here @ The Playhouse Embankment, London.




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