How & Why….?

What a sad few weeks it has been- London will recover, but those involved in the atrocities…Can we put a time span on the healing of seeing horrors, losing friends and family. I think many of us know, the value of human life is much more than many would admit to… Those who have the power to change lives end wars and ease suffering.

Grenfell; I saw the breaking news on Fb and other around 1am on that morning. I went to sleep hoping most people would be evacuated and taken to safety, with few casualties. I had faith, I guess. When I woke up and saw the images, I cried and shut down my lap top as it was too much to believe that although the incredible emergency services battled, the hell was not contained.

The amazing response on social media (Grief, anger, realness and action)  was just so kind. So very immediate and we all felt the need to do something- I can’t really understand anyone who wouldn’t want to help in the many ways.

Later Wednesday, my best friend and I decided to buy as many toiletries as we could and head to Latimer. It was a mixture of public transport and walking- I am so glad that we did. We were very close to the building itself, which proved difficult and emotional. The horror of still seeing it in flames was not what I wanted to see, but It isn’t about me….I won’t describe my anguish as it could never compare to those affected.

The drop of point, between 2 centres however was buzzy full of energy and all hands on deck as we filled bags with specific items to be distributed. The piles got higher and  higher of foods, clothing, toiletries and other. People had driven across the country to deliver. Mums with boxes of wet wipes under the buggies. It gave me hope in all of us, to have the capacity to drop everything and aid people who have lost everything.

Multi faith volunteers, we shared food offered to me by some lovely Muslim ladies  and of course spoke to people who had lived there, or had family there. In the media, Singer Adele was in the same patch shortly after we left.

Thursday- I can’t go into too much detail 😉 I joined 2 other locals in my area and we managed a 45 minute burst of getting cash donations raising £100+ donated via Just Giving to help all the families get back on their feet.

I know that a lot of people are experiencing extreme anger to this tragedy….I can’t blame them? I had my moments , but mine is now more silent grief over what I could see and hear. Of course, I have some anger towards the ‘Why?’ it isn’t Dickensian London and we are all equally entitled to a safe standard of living. ‘How?’ could such materials be used that may have contributed to the escalation.

Why? Are the Government saying so little…..

How? Will those who survived cope….

Today Friday, I am again involved in a collection from Brixton Endz, I just want to help….I don’t need praise for it, as much as the many round the clock volunteers do. People were just pulling it all together themselves and the West London Community are just beautiful. I used to hang in W10 throughout my teens and I will always have love for that area.

Thanks to the beautiful, generous people of Brixton. 1 ❤

The major heroes- 200 firefighters, emergency staff, hospitals, the Met…..Phewww they have worked hard and it can’t be easy. The bravery of them all, I can’t find words to describe as I couldn’t do it.

I’m sure there will be events, fundraisers and collections….The Just Giving Link many friends used:

Wishing you all a peaceful, loving time.

Prayers to those involved in the Latimer tragedy, love & strength to everyone helping or donating. xxx




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