What’s good…BRIXTON? (wha’s gwaanin?)


I am not always out in my home-town; I could be all over the place due to my various roles in life, but you don’t want to hear about those.

I know no one wants to hear about the central heating, having to look for bare legged alternatives and worry about contingency, when the rain threatens your hair flicks and the kicks feel soggy…..I wont bother with the rest!

When I get the chance, be it 1 night a week or a few a month- There have been some fun, vibe-sy and just pure nice socialising times in BX (The Bronx Brixton). Here’s a few things going on, that may tickle your fancy, improve your dating pool?

Maybe mix work with pleasure? Hear the most slamming  Bashment/Soca/Trap/Afro-beat Dj’s out there?

I like to talk about budget, a lot- Because unless you got it like that, I don’t know many people who want to pop out locally and then think:

(Eff, what did I spend ££££££$$$$$$????!!!! ON?)

So here it is….Oh and feedback or adding to my tiny list would be sweet of y’all too:

  1. Coming up on August 18th- S.O to Ty & Dj Snuff, they know how to bring it…..TY2
  2. Another Effra Rd place to check out…. EFFRA SOCIAL…The food is proper grub and the Pub Quiz is a lot of fun….and actually challenging. A nice bit of Craic from the host Tommy….Better to get a small group together, as the winners take all….



3. RUM KITCHEN-Brixton Location.

If you want to hear the latest bashment, old school dancehall/reggae anthems, hip-hop, soca and some laid back vibes, hit here Thurs-Sat…Of course its a slamming restaurant with a wide range of West-Indian real tasting food…But when there’s a Dj playing it takes on a whole set of character and gets packed very early. Eat & drink here: (Book a table as it gets busy everyday) Plenty of rums for the drinkers in you 😉



4. Exercise anyone…..? Authentic and varied boxing training…..Here:AFEWEE

5. Ok this one isn’t a place, but we have our own Brixton range, of mints, place mats and other….Why didn’t I think of that?! A mini gold mine….


6. Top of the week…

Don’t knock the hustle! The high street is alive and Brixton New Look is always worth a check in. The staff are sweet & bubbly….NL

If you want cost effective fashion that actually lasts, there is no need to be a NL snob. It’s how you put things together, or so they say….I love this Romantic Victoriana (Again) look.

7. Finally- to check out wagw1, what’s good? or what’s happening…..BRIXTON BLOG are one of the best local source of info & events….


ENJOY!!!!!! If you see me out there, say ‘Hi’ xxx I am really friendly….


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