David Baddiel- B*da*ss ‘Family: Not The Sitcom’ #Theatre

David Baddiel (I don’t know him personally) Has delivered one of the funniest, sometimes obscene, sometimes painful, eccentric, loving and intensely candid pieces that I have seen for years. Coolly relaxed, he delivers an interesting one man show…and by the time you leave, you know so much about his ‘colourful’ Mum (RIP) and Dad who is heartbreakingly a […]

Barbados in London #BIM on Bond St- Sunday vibez….

So a Taste Of Barbados put on 3 days of BIM (Sweet name for the Island, meaning our family/our people) events……I managed to pass by yesterday and it was fiyah! I felt like carnival came early…. Soca legends Red Plastic Bag & Nikita were performing….It really wasn’t a hard sell trying to make you buy […]

Mental wellness May…..

Mental wellness….I chose to write that over mental health, but it’s the same thing. When we say ‘Strong’? it’s such a lovable magnificent word, as for many the strong person is infallible, never upset, never lets anything get them down and is so reliable to hold together themselves, partner, children, family the whole bloody world if required. […]

Fashion & Music -Visuals Treat…

It’s not pancake day yet. Can I do some shameless bragging about my perfect rounds???….I always look forward to Shrove Tuesday. I could say… comment with one word how the Valentines Day went…. Mine would be ‘INTERESTING’…Roll on pancakes, they’re at the very least…Satisfying. So, LFW (London Fashion Week) AW/17 has just swooped in and […]


If you’re as old as me…or as young as 😉 You’ll remember the whole poster boy, pin up period. That hasn’t faded, as the replacement is Insta and various other visual means that you can access 20 milly photos of the person you ‘follow’ as that has replaced the word ‘fan’ With St Valentines a […]

ICONIC Ladies…Then & now.

There are probably a thousand images that could be in this blog…But I’ve chosen these few. More power to us ladies worldwide! I love strong, powerful, feminine, edgy and sexy beautiful images….Our faces can be soft, but we’re more robust than we show. I am proud to be a woman and I celebrate musicians, artistes, actresses, nurses, […]